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Ethiopia people






Jatenipat Ketpradit (JKBoy)

Ethiopia have several ethnic groups, for this gallery include ethiopia omo valley tribes such as The Suri, Mursi, Hamar, Kara (Karo), and Nyangatom (Bume).

The Suri tribe is one of the hardest to reach in Ethiopia. They live on a high mountain that is difficult to approach from the outside world. They take immense pleasure in their scars and traditions.

Hamar tribe dwells in Omo Valley's east flat area.
The hairstyle of the female Hamar is unique. It is visible from a long distance away. Every woman in this tribe reddens her hair with clay, butter, or animal fat. After a lady marries, she is not allowed to wash her hair again, according to their traditions.

The Karo or Kara tribes are the smallest of the remaining tribes in Ethiopia since their forefathers established themselves on the east side of the Omo River. Around 1,500 people have resided here. They understand how to utilize boats, fish, and cultivate to prevent flooding. Sorghum, corn, and beans are crops that may be produced here. They only have a few cows because they are constantly invaded by enormous insects that feed on vertebrate blood.

If you visit here, you must follow their rules and regulations by giving them gifts. This will instill trust in new visitors. They are still wary at first, but once accepted and convinced that you are not a threat, they will embrace you to show appreciation.

Throughout the journey, the visual of tribal warriors wielding a pair of guns became familiar to me.
Whether it's an AK-47, a Carnaco, or an SKS rifle, they've all been chosen to fight to protect the hamlet's life and property. The weaponry is alleged to have originated from Cold War-era arms smugglers, tribal fighting, and even when Ethiopia was ruled by the Italian Axis during WWII.
The introduction of firearms has generated a slew of issues for tribes. They had gone through the confusion of traditional life and the changing time throughout the past 20 years since weapons are cutting-edge technology that opposes their culture and customs. A weapon may be utilized to solve any problem. It can occasionally deteriorate into clan wars and guerilla warfare.

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