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“Eagle Hunters” - Mongolia


“Eagle Hunters”


2017 - Now


Altai Mountains on the border between Kazakhstan and Mongolia


Jatenipat Ketpradit (JKBoy)

In the center of the Altai Mountains on the border between Kazakhstan and Mongolia is the territory of Muslim aborigine in Kazakhstan. This is the habitat of legendary hunters. They are respectively called “Bergedchin” in Kazakhstan Language or “Eagle Hunters”
For the past 250 years, these hunters have used golden eagles to hunt the animals. They've been training since they were ten years old to hunt in the difficult terrain in the mountains on horseback with their loyal birds, as if they were legendary warriors from ancient folklore.
In the winter, when temperatures drop below -30 degrees Celsius, everything must adapt to survive, and this includes the interaction between humans and animals. The remarkable hunting talent of Burgedchin and the hunting instinct of golden eagles rely on each other to hunt food in winter.

The golden eagle is one of the most dangerous air predators. It may weigh 7 kilograms and has a wingspan of 2 meters. Female golden eagles are larger and more aggressive than males. It mainly hunts rabbits or large birds. It can occasionally kill foxes, cubs, and deer.
Despite the fact that golden eagles are powerful enough to murder people, no one has ever witnessed them killing humans for a living. Meanwhile, in Asia and Europe, there is a fable of a golden eagle that wounded a child and left the child's body in its nest.

Nowadays, there are around 250 hunters in the nation. The growing city and the advancement of technology are enticing fresh generations of villagers to dismount and work in the city. However, as long as there are descendants who are proud of their hunter's way, the sound of the golden eagle will continue to reverberate in the heart of the Altai Mountains.

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