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People and their world - Book available for Pre-order

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

As humanity begins to advance at an unstopable momentum, there are those who still stick with their tribes and traditional ways of living, long separated from the modern world. With each of them possessing a different kind of civilization, follow in the footsteps of Jatenipat Ketpradit and explore these rare gems hidden from the eyes of society.

Pre-order now available, with bonus gift:

Free limited edition of premium gift with artist sign on a book.

Price $145 USD, Free shipping worldwide.

Shipping schedule about end of 2023.

Photo book by Jatenipat Ketpradit (JKboy), A professional photographer who specializes in portraits and culture. He told the story of Ethnic groups and exotic cultures that are almost lost all over the world through his photographs. In working with many tribes that differences in language, culture and lifestyle.

This photo book is published to collect Jatenipat’s photographic works and stories from traveling with various tribes, as a record of humanity that will tell the story and way of life of different ethnic groups through Jatenipat’s perspective. It is another voice to help spread the message that these tribes want to convey the beauty of culture, beliefs, and ways of life that are unique to the outside world. It is one of the records in the history of humanity that confirms the existence of ethnic people and inspires those who read it.

Book include:

  • The Eagle Hunter : Great hunters of the Altai

  • The Suri : Flowers of the Great Rift Valley

  • The Tsaatan : The last Reindeer people of Taiga

  • The Iu Mien : Descendant of Pan Hu

  • The Karo : People of the river

  • The Khuree Tsam : The dance of Gods, Lost and reborn cultural heritage

  • The Asaro : Mudmen of the highlands

  • The Akha : People of the hills

  • The Omo Valley (Arbore, Hamar, Mursi, Nyangatom) : The cradle of humanity

  • The Mentawai : The last Keepers of the forest


  • ISBN 978-616-603-308-3

  • Frist printed, 2023 (1,000 copies)

  • English and Thai language support

  • Hard cover with 4-color Jacket, size W25 x H33 x D3 cm.

  • Offset 4 color print on matte art paper with water resistant coating, 320 pages.

  • Inside, Matte art paper 157 gram

  • Inside, Panorama special printed size W65 x H33 cm, 8 pages.

  • Weight 3.5 Kg.

Sample photo in a book:

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